How To Use WROL

How To Use WROL


Basic Round

  1. Divide the cards into 10 piles according to their category, and place them face down on the table.
  2. Everyone draws 3 cards from whichever category they want.
  3. The first person picks one and reads it out loud, and then answers the question.
  4. Everyone else will then answer that same scenario, and debate the answers. This ends round 1.
  5. Before starting round 2, everyone discards 1 card of their choice and grabs another from the stack of their choice.
  6. Talk through as many rounds as desired.


Light Round

Play using the Emergency Preparedness Basics and the Economic Collapse stacks only for a less intense session of WROL.

The Emergency Preparedness Basics stack has 30 areas of preparedness and survival every family should have covered. Answer these well, and you'll be able to face most of life's challenges without too much trouble.

The Economic Collapse deck is based on decisions people had to make during the economic collapses of countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe and others.

These eye-opening scenarios are an awakening dose of reality check that would bring even the most spoiled teenager back to earth.


Survival Mode

Who would naturally rise as the leader among you?

  1. Lay the cards on a flat surface, just like in the "Basic Round" of WROL. Keep the Emergency Preparedness Basics stack out of this conversation.
  2. After 2 "Basic Rounds" of WROL, each participant will secretly vote on one person to keep safe, and on another to eliminate (use pen and paper to write the names). The person with the most elimination votes is out of the conversation for now, they can't answer or debate any more scenarios, but their votes will still count at the end of each 2 rounds. The eliminated participants will help judge the answers of those who remain.
  3. The last person standing is crowned WROL Survivor and wins.